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Products Represented

Switches – Through Hole and Surface mount

Relays – Electro-mechanical, Solid state and Reed

Crystals and Oscillators – Timing devices

Precision Resistors, Current Sense, Audio Resisters, Match Sets

Resistors and Capacitors, Diodes, Rectifiers, Inductors, MOV, Resettable fuses

Filters, Barrier strips and Terminal Blocks

Connectors, Pin Headers, Interconnects, Audio Jacks, RF

Power supplies: External and Open frame, Transformers, Power cords, Magnetics, Batteries, Battery Packs, Medical

Fans, Blowers, Heatsinks and thermal solutions

Opto, LED’s, Displays, IR


Custom Membranes switches, Overlays, Conductive Rubber, assemblies, Sheet Metal, LCD, Touchscreen